We have been dedicated to life sciences and smart technologies since our inception. Our focus in life sciences has been with drug development, medical device and biotech. Within technology, we often support companies that produce technologies that are dynamic smart technologies that are designed to enhance cloud-based services. We work with companies in the US, Europe, Asia and the Americas. We often support the needs of companies that are well established internationally, but seeking to enhance their emergence into the US market. Our reach into the US and global media within life sciences and technology is extremely strong. We have decades of relationships, as well as the most current technology available to global PR firms. We also have deep relationships in the allied media groups that support the global awareness demands of our clients in the areas of business media, investor media, public sector media, vertical specific allied media, industry analysts and target market senior bloggers. We have differentiating expertise in helping small to mid-cap sized global companies to increase their digital footprint with target markets, to achieve greater brand visibility, lead generation and sustainable revenue opportunities. How we achieve this is through methodologies that create pull-through versus simply announcing corporate news. The strategies we develop to achieve this reach far beyond the borders of what most people consider the realm of PR to encompass.


Given the need for informative and decision influencing content demanded by prospects, developing an effective marketing strategy that optimizes your PR, plus the tactical that fulfills this core program is mission critical. Experience has shown us that most companies have good marketing strategies, but they may not include key PR communication platforms and influencer channel strategies that we can deliver. With our programs, we reach to simplify the PR implementation and integration process as much as possible. This includes ensuring that what you already have in place is molded to the content and outreach we will be adding. We understand that some of our activities will be stand-alone and others will dovetail deeply with your internal sales and marketing programs. If we can supply the knowledge, support and ease of process management—the end results for your organization will drive a strong return. Essentially, we will launch your PR program with a workshop to ensure we understand your objectives, current model, forecasts, teams, targets and on-going marketing activities. We will audit your website, collateral, sales materials and key messaging, as well as new products and services in a launch phase. From there, we will provide key target audience PR strategies for us to manage and ways these activities can supplement your internal programs effectively.


The workhorse of a good strategic PR program is thought leadership-based. Essentially, this means the majority of time should be dedicated to developing thought leadership content and then pitching it out daily to target media outlets and social influencers. This is the content that declares “you are the one true knowledge holder of the best information about how to succeed, and by the way—you’ve got the best products that can do what you say others should do”. This type of content can move mountains in a way that dedicated brand awareness content may not. They each have their strategic position and should be leveraged accordingly. How Springboard5 strategically builds effective programs using each of the critical building blocks of power PR programs supports our underlying philosophy about simplifying PR for our clients. PR is never just about releasing corporate news.


If thought leadership activities equate to lead-generation, then brand awareness equates to strong market position competitively. Springboard5 uses a myriad of content tools to create opportunities across all media, social influencers and third-party validators. When we create a piece of content, we assess if the topic itself is suited better for brand awareness or thought leadership. If an opportunity is best suited for brand awareness, we incorporate the type of messaging and material that best suits brand related opportunities. We may then repurpose the same material into a thought leadership piece of content better suited for lead generation. Our knowledge on how and when to push the right type of content is why we excel at creating successful PR results for our clients.


One of the primary differentiators between Springboard5 and other PR firms is our commitment to creating segmented content and media relations, based on your company’s targeted market segments. Just like you know your products and services fit particular markets, PR has the same segmentation among all of the media outlets, industry analysts and social influencers. As such, what one segment is interested in, another segment can relate to but will want their content messaged and pitched more specifically to them. The more customization we put into our content development for you, the more coverage you will receive and the more your prospects will be influenced by that content itself. What companies sometimes fail to capitalize on is the use of third party influencers. Whether they are media, analysts or channel partners, these groups are your indirect business aggregators. They already have the attention of your prospective customers. Our strategies ensure we leverage those influencers regularly for your benefit.


Today PR agencies can’t simply depend on traditional media outlets, any more than your internal 1:1 social media team can generate relationships for you with the industry leading expert bloggers and LinkedIn group moderators. These people are “experts” in your industry and now they represent your new communication hotspots. They aggregate as many prospective customers for you as media outlets do. Building a successful relationship with these people requires all of the brand and thought leadership content we will have already created, but it must be packaged differently. The same is true for the way you must talk to them to secure coverage and endorsement. Springboard5 is one of the few industry PR firms that include this group as a key building block to your program.


Sometimes you just have to reach out to prospects directly. Springboard5 again leverages a key PR building block often overlooked by other agencies. We believe that integrating a proper portion of your overall program to “touching” prospects via email or webinars is critical to ensuring we have fully blanketed your targeted markets. Given the quality content we advise that we contribute to your PR program, it only makes sense that this same content is repurposed for optimal results. We can use your contacts database, and unique ones we can access, to increase 1:1 PR communications to your audience. Like direct marketing, this allows us to control the content more specifically, but we do still preserve the integrity of how we reach out and what we share. Content is typically that which you would see in dedicate feature articles, case studies and industry perspectives. By eliminating the editors or bloggers some of the time, we ensure the content we are pitching into the media outlets is being received by prospects directly. We always ensure action and registration for any emails or webinars developed. These programs create the best returns when we coordinate them with both internal marketing and sales teams.


In order to effectively pitch media outlets, analysts and social influencers we must have custom content. The quality of that content is as important as the relativity of the content to each audience group. As mentioned under strategy, progressive PR demands that the content developed must be of interest to the media and audience that will be exposed to it. We are vigilant with our clients to advise on creating content that is not simply about you, but more about why you are a company that is a thought leader and expert in their industry. We understand that an important part of simplifying PR for our clients is recommending and writing content to fulfill your PR program. We know how to quickly come up to speed regarding messaging, vocabulary, products and services. It is a fundamental part of providing a strong PR team, which is why experienced and seasoned professionals are the core of our organization. The type of content we will produce ranges far more broadly than you may have seen from other PR firms. We know what fills the needs of life science and technology third-party influencers and media. It includes more depth and diversity of style, message and form than usually submitted directly to the wire by companies themselves. Our objective is to become a trusted and reliable extension of your team. Of course, if the technical aspect of an architected piece requires expert contributors from your organization, we will assist them in streamlining the writing process.


Messaging must be comprehensive and cross-functional within any organization and out to their target audiences. The messaging we develop for you must allow your brand to elevate its position as a prominent provider across your target markets AND support the thought leadership content that drives high lead generation within a highly competitive landscape. We will assess your current messaging and assist in creating the appropriate architecture that will support  your brand goals and drive leads—specifically to each influential target. The messaging in your collateral, website and current social media must blend well with the messaging we create for your PR program. It is a unique environment where one set of messaging can be used across a myriad of verticals, influences and prospects alike. Consistency of message is always essential, but packaging and vocabulary nuances within the message allow it to be tightly inserted to the right audience.


Each industry presents a myriad of competitors for your company, even if they are not doing exactly what you do or offer. As such, finding ways to create “daylight” between you and your competitors is a shared responsibility of your internal sales and marketing team with your PR agency. Springboard5 is very assertive in our approach to competitive positioning. We take the approach that simply making competitive comparisons is not sufficient. To create uniqueness among those that are your third-party influencers, it is necessary to also drive trends, thought leadership and evolving the way in which you position the competitive comparisons for critical decision makers.


Building a strong presence across all of the potential channels by which your company can generate leads, create revenue, increase distribution and secure strategic partnerships are each building blocks. If you can reach those that have already aggregated your prospects your ability to secure that share of the market and the revenue associated with it becomes more conceivable. Springboard5 believes PR is fundamental to driving channel positioning—resulting in channel opportunities. We do not simply isolate the 1:1 opportunities that typically come by driving PR through press releases. Our strategy includes defining all of the various channels by which we can drive your messaging and content, and then drilling down into the audiences that those channels “talk” to drive out alternative growth paths for you.